Empower Network Blogging System

Empower Network Viral Blogging Platform

The Empower Network Viral Blogging System is the flagship and most basic product offered in the Empower Network. For only $25 per month, Empower Network Members get access to a powerful, custom blogging system to build a home-based business.

The Viral Blogging System has many advantages, especially for people who are not experienced working online. The Viral Blogging System limits costs to only $25 per month for access to the blog whereas bloggers would otherwise have to buy a domain, hosting, programming, and hire a designer.

The Viral Blogging System also uses a sleek, yet simple interface so new bloggers can begin to post content without any difficulties.

Viral Blogging System Features


There are six main features of the blogging system, which include:

Instant Setup: As soon as you buy the Viral Blogging System, you can begin posting content within thirty seconds of joining.

Optimized Marketing Themes: Empower members have the ability to choose from multiple themes that have been customized to ensure that visitors will turn into paying customers at the highest levels.

SEO Tool: Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to obtain free traffic to convert into customers. The Viral Blogging System has an SEO tool that will ensure you dominate the search rankings for your desired terms so you can obtain as much traffic from search engines.

Viral Sharing Tool: Besides SEO, the next best way to obtain free traffic is by having your visitors share your content. The Viral Bogging System contains a sharing tool that allows your visitors to share your content easily and through multiple marketing channels.

Viral Commenting Tool: The Viral Marketing Tool allows Empower members to share their content by commenting on their blog as well as on their own blog. The more comments that are posted on your blog, the more social interactions and visitors your blog will have.

Drag and Drop Tool: The drag and drop tool allows users to quickly add banners, headers, and other custom images to the blog in only a few seconds.

Empower Network Benefits

As you can hopefully see, The Viral Blogging System was setup to give bloggers a complete blogging platform that not only will increase their web traffic but also turn that traffic into sales.

Unlike other services and MLMs out there, Empower Network combines the best of both worlds.

If you are a writer but do not know the marketing/sales side of a business then the blogging platform with its advanced sales and marketing strategies will help you create a business by simply letting you share your blog on social media.

Which you would normally do with a personal blog, video, or website.

focus-on-empower-network-blogYou can simply focus on producing quality work and sharing on your social media networks and in the background Empower Networks marketing strategies will help you rank naturally on search engines.

As well as use it’s personalized marketing tactics to get people to click on links on your blog page to give them the ability to join you in Empower.

This marketing system allows you to focus on your core skills and then learn / expand your other skills over time. That way you can become the best version of yourself when presenting your business and blog online.

Final Thoughts On The Empower Network Blogging System

The Empower Network has over 155,000 members in its’ viral blogging system and it is by far the most complete blogging platform available.

Any marketer is doing themselves a disservice if they are not utilizing this revolutionary blogging system.

But you are free to choose to go with something that has proven it self time and time again or you can venture out on your own and try and learn all aspects of marketing online as well as setting up your own blog and hosting.

But we will choose Empower Network Viral Blogging System every time.